Friday, October 12, 2007

All These Places in our Space...s

All around me I find the stuff of imagination. I've feathered my own nest with items that intrigue and inspire and bring me comfort each day. Some days it's easy to overlook all the things that we've accomplished and focus our attentions more closely on foreign things. For lack of better words, to covet thy neighbors lamp...or couch, whatever the case may be.

So in honour of the beautiful house my husband and I have made for ourselves, I am proud to offer a glimpse into our eclectic-retro-rustic-shabby-chic palace. I hope you enjoy the tour.

The Foyer complete with baptist church pew and thrift store acrylic-block art

The hallway credenza, AKA the mail drop-spot

Downstairs Guestroom in Wakefield

Guestroom lamp, dresser and original artwork by J. Hahn

The Diningroom. Vintage Asian table, chairs & buffet

Another angle in the Diningroom.

More Diningroom.
The Warhol prints and my collection of Franciscan Starburst and Brad Keeler.

The Diningroom sitting area with Stiffel lamp and Jeff's old Fender

The Livingroom with boomerang coffee table & more fish taxidermy

Sun Porch/Hot Tub Room

The circular fireplace and centerpiece of the first floor

The Library and Natural Museum at the Top of the Stairs

A close-up of the corner case

The view from the top stair.
Lawyers bookcase, resident Chicken, an alligator head, Twin Peaks geese and yet another gee-tar

Second-floor Guestroom. 4-poster rope support bead, cactus lamp and lotsa photos

View from the other side of the room. More guitars, Haegar pottery and another great lamp.

"The Red Room"
Second-floor rec room features the bar, dart board and vinyl collection