Friday, April 25, 2008


I've had such a great day already and it's only lunch time!

I attended an estate sale this morning in hopes of becoming the proud owner of a gently used Bernina serger (it's a type of sewing machine).

I've never gone to a sale like this before. They hand out numbers and you mill around the front yard with a bunch of strangers while you wait to gain entrance to the house. I arrived at 9 am exactly and found myself #43 in line! I figured the serger would get snapped up by someone else, but as luck would have it, I got into the house in time, and now she's mine!

I also scored these three camera for the low low price of $37. A large format paper cutter and photo of a train for Mister made their way into my trunk as well.

From left to right :: Revere Eight 8 MM | Brownie Reflex | Petri FT EE

I haven't tested them out yet, but I have my fingers crossed, especially for the Revere 8MM.

On my way to the estate sale I stopped at a Starbuck's where I saw this adorable little car. It's called the Smart fortwo.

find out more at wikipedia

It's only 8 feet long and it's small enough to park 3 of them inside of one standard parking space.They look pretty roomy inside too. The guy that was driving this one was of average proportion. The rear end says Powered by Mercedes Benz, but I don't know anything about engines.

Now I 'm about to go up to my sewing room to start in on some little home dec projects. I'm planning a big post to share all of my recent sewing projects, so stay tuned! xoxox-jenni