Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Way We Were...

Oh blog. My once sweet, now bitter little blog. Once we were like 2 lovely fawns sipping water from a stream..now it seems those same waters are determined to keep us apart. Try as I might to write faithfully, the increasing pressures of my high-powered marketing machine are keeping me down.

The dramatic monologue portion of this evenings entry has now concluded.

Ok...SO how about this idea, I was thinking that maybe I could gear up for a Big Year-ender! Huh? Huh! Ha-ha! That's it. I'm going to recap 2007 in a blog-a-rama-thon and by year's end I'll be all wrapped up and ready to enter 2008 with a clean-slate, thus fulfilling a pre-New Year's resolution and thereby setting the pace for the coming year's theme of Total World Organization, henceforth to be known as TWO (
all rights reserved on TWO, the use of TWO the Number TWO and all other forms of TWO not discussed wherein, the so on and so forth...)

So where to begin..I've talked wedding, I chatted crafts. What's left, right? The holidays, that obvious..yes, but here's the twist, I'm taken it all the way back to October. I took a bunch of pictures of our Halloween and then I didn't post but it's never too late for All Hallow's Eve.

June-boo guarding the castle gate


Jennifer + Jeff-egies

Ol Punkin' Head + lil' Ol Punkin' Head

Jeff's Self-Portrait

Cookies for Cousin Alex at Montana State

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