Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Drool-Worthy Floor Art

I've taken a little break from the bloggin' this summer. My list of "things to do before fall" includes a summer update and general howdy, but that'll have to wait. I'm here to talk to you about rugs. Not the head kind, but the floor variety.

This rug....
and this rug...Well, ladies and gentlemen, I ask you... have you ever seen rugs like these? Trust me when I tell you, these photos do them no justice. Insert gurgling Homer J. noise here. I lust for the both of these beauties, and there are at least 8 more drool-worthy selections. So where are they already?! Wait for it....

Amy Butler! Who knew it? Did you know it? Good for you, interior design nerd!

Here are the particulars, courtesy of Amy's lovely website

I'm so happy to introduce this line and work with my great friend Ravi and his family at Chandra in Atlanta. These rugs are truly handmade (I've seen it!). From the hand-tufting & dying of the 100% New Zealand wool, to the hand-carving of the designs by masters using special scissors. They are available in 5' x 7' 6" and 7' 9" x 10' 6". There are 19 rugs in the collection - 13 designs, six of which are colored in two colorways. They are all based on my fabrics and bedding prints!

click here to buy direct from my webstore

I'll be back soon with my summer wrap up. xoxo- jenni

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