Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Triple Letter Score

It's been snowing a lot in Chicago. It snows, melts and freezes and snows again. Sometimes all in the same day. Sometimes it snows so much so quickly that Mister and I are trapped in the house waiting for Mr. Plow to come and do the driveway. On days like that it's good to have a lot of things around to keep you entertained.

Several months ago during the holiday buying frenzy, we picked up some board games with the intention of spending some quality time together and we finally made good on that idea.

We had our choice of Scrabble or Jenga. We chose Scrabble and this was Mister's first time playing. I know...unbelievable, but true. I guess when you're a Mensan board games, no matter how wordy, just seem to fall below the radar.

So here is our game. I make REST, Mister turns it into ARRESTIVE. I can't even take credit for BLOG! I thought about challenging him a couple of times but I was too lazy to retrieve the 40 lb. unabridged dictionary. Then I tried to cheat by making up words that sounded real like subquient. In the end I lost. He kicked my ass 200 to 130 on his first try. He even read the rule book, something I can honestly say I never bothered to do.

Ahh... to be married to a genius. I really am quite proud. xoxoxo-jenni

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