Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Meme

1. first name: Jennifer 2. favorite food: Sushi 3. high school: Downers Grove North 4. favorite color: Green 5. celebrity crush: Sarah Silverman 6. favorite drink: Pomegranate Martini 7. dream vacation: Hacienda Campeche 8. favorite dessert: Cupcakes 9. What I want to be when I grow up: A grown up 10. What I love most in the world: Mister 11. One word that describes me: Energetic 12. My flickr name: Miss Atomic

My favorite blogger HulaSeventy makes memes all the time, but I never really knew how they worked until Kristin C. at One Time, One Place made one of her own and shared it with us all. Now I'm hooked. Thank you ladies, for being so wonderfully inspirational.

If you've ever wanted to try one, here's how to do it:
Answer each of the questions above into the Flickr search box and choose a photo from the FIRST page only. Copy the URL for your fav photo and enter it into Big Huge Labs mosaic maker
Then share your meme with all the world.

I would love to see your meme, so if you make one, please come back and share it.

xoxox- jenni


Kristin C. said...

My favorite is the "grown up" retro barbie.

DailyDoily said...

I just did mine:

Peace, Love, and Cupcakes