Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Art In The Barn

On a recent adventure, a friend and I drove out to Richmond, IL to visit a neat little foreign imports store called Ginger Blossom. I say store because everything has a price tag, but after that, there are few similarities. I'm sure you can find comparable items at Pier One or World Market, but not tucked in amidst wildflowers or hidden inside the walls of small one room houses that speckle the nearly 40-acres of farm land Ginger Blossom sits on. Navajo rugs, Thai silk bedspreads and gorgeous handmade Guatemalan sweaters take up residence on the ground floor of stone and wood framed barn. Chairs hover on the walls above an intricately carved and painted Indonesian Gazebo.

Buddha as a cast resin waterfall

There are hundreds of Buddhas carved from wood and cast inn bronze, stone pagodas and beautiful ceramic planters and giant metal sculptures of cattle that line the walkways and open air areas of the farm.

There is a small one room building dedicated entirely to the celebration of Dia de los Muertos.

On Sundays there is a yoga class held in the orchard and anyone at any level is welcome to join in. This is a very fine copy of a Fernando Botero painting. This lovely lady now hangs in my dressing room and I smile every time I see her.

I heart fat girl art

This is a magical place and I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys exploring old dusty junk shops and open air markets. Visit my Flickr to see more pictures from the day. Just enter the search words Ginger Blossom. xoxo- jenni

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