Friday, August 22, 2008

Different Strokes...

It would seem that there are some mixed reviews regarding our house on the AT tour and I think that's great!

I didn't expect that everyone would love our place. Nor did I expect Better Homes and Gardens to hand us any awards. I expected criticism. I invited criticism by opening our doors to the public at large.

The point of posting our home was to share a house you just don't see everyday. Good bad or ugly, it's a one of a kind.

That being said...I love our house. I LOVE our house. Every item, every detail, every corner of our, yes, I'll say it, HUGE house, makes me happy. Every weird object reminds me of a great day that Mister and I spent rummaging around in the heat and dirt and dust at a mid-september flea market. Every room holds memories, and not just ours, but the memories of the owners before us. Our collection of castoff family albums are as loved by us as they were by their first owners. I get giddy thinking about the trip we took to St. Louis where Jeff uncovered this little trophy.

Things like this a 100 other oddities make this our home and I wouldn't change a thing. As requested, I am attaching some pictures of the exterior a couple more interior shots. Thanks for reading, and thanks for sharing your opinions. It's been a great experience. xoxox- jenni

Front Exterior

Front Walkway with newly planted specimen garden and Johnny Cash

Backyard view of the Half-Circle

The square glass enclosure to the right of the tree trunk
is the sunroom complete with 1970's terra cotta orange hot tub

Carpet around the fireplace serves a functional purpose.

Johnny Cash and June Carter love it!

I call this the Natural History Museum. It's the landing on the
second floor and it's full of bad taxidermy, old photos and books.


Kristin C. said...

it's an amazing house and those f***ers who made rude and very PERSONAL comments can suck it. I love your house and hope to inherite it in your will :-)

your friend, K-Dog Deluxe.

Kara said...

Wow! Your place looks amazing - what fun! Isn't it great to find fantastic pieces at flea markets. I have dreams all the time where I uncover warehouses of unwanted fabulous bits and pieces only to be woken up and brought back to the 'real world'. So disappointing...