Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are We Famous Yet?

After nearly a year in the making, the BIG Day is finally here! As some of you may know, Mister and I have been eagerly awaiting the AT Home tour of our house to be published on the AT Home website. Well today is the day! Please take a tour of our lovely home at AT Home. Leave a comment, or not, that's ok too. We promise to return your calls and emails even after we become one of Oprah's Favorite Things!

xoxox- jenni

P.S. Vanity compels me to mention that the family photo at the end of the tour was taken the day I came down with a monster cold that morphed into pneumonia several weeks later. Hence my lack-luster pose and demeanor. Lucky for me I have such a handsome husband and lovely dogs.

view of the diningroom, livingroom, kitchen, fireplace....


Franny said...

I'm too lazy to open an apt therapy account, but I wanted to tell you that I'm truly in love with your home, every single ounce of it. In particular, I heart the bathroom decoupage and the prints on the wall in front of them. You have lovely taste, a really unique and fun take on things that could be a little cliche (i.e. how you framed the skeleton) and a real sense of yourselves. No stupid "Keep Calm and Carry On" prints for you!

Thanks for bringing a new vision to some really boring Apt Therapy posting weeks. I"m not at all sure what was up with those other posters, maybe if you only purchase your things at West Elm you don't know any other way of living.

Paul B. said...

Your home tour is fascinating!! Thanks for sharing! I have friends who have similar tastes in furnishings-- the 50's lamps and chairs, kitsch orientalia, etc. Though the look has never been a personal favorite, these things take on a whole new life in the context of your spacious and unique house. This was a real inspiration. Well Done!!