Thursday, October 30, 2008

Voting with the Applause-O-Meter

Good evening citizens of these United States. Today I voted. Today I struck a blow for hope. Today my friend K voted. She made her choice for a new leader. There were many people voting early today.

The lines were long but the election judges were determined to keep things moving. We took our ballots, we gave our name and number, we agreed not to switch places in line. In fact, we agreed not to move from our position in line for any reason. I assume emergencies and natural disaster were accounted for ahead of time. And with agreements in place and ballots in hand, I headed off to my semi-private voting box. Am I too young to remember the voting boxes you see in movies? They looked like photo booths or shower stalls, only less entertaining. They are a lot less entertaining now.

Ms. June Carter-Cash. Leader of Canines for Change.

I cast my vote for Obama. I know you're supposed to keep your vote a big secret but I don't see why. I'm proud of my vote. I'm excited about this new era of leadership and I see a better, more aware, more educated future ahead of us. I'm embracing the change whole-heartedly. It's my most sincere hope that McCain gets his hat handed to him.

In other exciting news, K and I saved a dog today! We were on our way to vote when we both spied this lovely little pup.

Her name is Coco and she is a very sweet German Shorthair Pointer. She was cowering in the tall grass along side a very busy road. We pulled off onto the side of the road and approached the dog slowly. I bent down and held my arm out toward her and she came right to me. She was scared, it was heart-breaking. Anyway, K started making phone calls to see if anyone had reported her missing and I made arrangements to take her to the vet and to have her scanned for a microchip. It never ended up getting that far. Within 45 minutes we were in touch with Coco's owner through the police and they were reeunited shortly after that.

Apparently, Coco stepped on the electric window button at the same time the woman turned the corner and Coco just fell right out. Ouch! She had some bruising on her chest and ribs and she was bleeding a bit here and there, but overall she was in really good shape. I knew she had a home somewhere near, but in the back of my heart, I was hoping she could stay here. At least for a little while. Ultimately I am happy and relived that she is back home safe and sound.

Today I voted and I saved a dog's life. That's a very good day. xoxo- jenni

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