Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All of Fall's Festive Little Finds part I

Ahhh... the crisp air carries a faint smell of fall through my window as I watch the first trees begin to turn. The changing of the seasons is something that I look forward to with great anticipation.

It's the beginning of something new and it always comes right on time. Just as you begin to long for sweaters and crisp night air, fall is here. Just when you think your toes will never thaw out after
a long cold winter, you see the first leaf buds and spring has sprung. And so it goes for us Midwesterns.

Around our house Fall is the favorite season. The trees blaze with color against clear blue skies and everything feels just a little more exciting. This is year is especially exciting as it is our first Fall i
n our new home and with it brings all sorts of new rituals. For the last several days I have begun my mornings out on the deck, drinking my first cup of coffee and watching the blue jays and crows on our big bird feeder. I really enjoy this. Soon there will be bond fires in the backyard and piles of leaves for the johnny and june to attack.

Fall is also when I get bit by the crafty DIY bug. Whether it's knitting, fall gardening, paperwork crafts or holiday decorating, I'm into this time of year. I have already started thinking thinking about my fall planters and the new leg warmers i'm going to make. So it is in the spirit of the season that I present today's topic and the first in a series I like to call "All of Fall's Festive Little Finds"

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The design was inspired by the cute-but-spooky spirits that inhabit the world of Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki. This would make such an adorable "Fall Baby" gift. Free pattern at knitty

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Ok...I love this. I have no idea how it would function with that tail on the end, but it gets 3 Stars sheer entertainment. The company also offers less seasonally-restrictive items like a buxom female figure and a pirate's skull & crossbones. What ever your fancy, I'm sure your desk will be the talk of the walk with one of these unique mice.

Halloween Ghost Mouse from

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Oh man these are so cool! I'm a fan of the cowboy boot and this may be the bad-ass-edest pair I have ever seen! Check out Back at the Ranch Boots for tons of other amazing styles.

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k-dog-a-rama-lama-cat-scratch! said...

I LOVE THE LITTLE RABBITS!! We have to make them!!