Thursday, September 20, 2007

As far as weddings go... this one was great!

The dust is just beginning to form a thin veil over the toes of my patent leather wedding shoes. Left sitting on the ledge of a sunny window since the Sunday after my wedding, they make me smile each morning and remind me of the day that I became this perfect someone's Mrs.

This wedding has been a lot of things that I didn't know/expect it to be. I feel more married than I ever felt engaged. I know what permanence is in the scope of love. I know what "family" can be in the scope of love.

I learned that 2 friends are better than one and that three friends can make all the ends meet. I found a sister in more than one place and I became an aunt and a niece in a single day. I felt beautiful and radiant in a way I hadn't known before.

I learned that "A wedding is where you decide forever who you want to be your best friend." thank you Mary

And thank you to everyone else who had a hand in our wedding. Family, and old, passer-by's and all the countless other people I have forgotten to thank..and the academy (Wait! Wrong speech.) Seriously though, thank you to everyone who wished us well and made it all the better for meeting them along the way.

Photo taken by Kristin Cannon. Visit her flickr site.


k-dizzle-to-the-hizzle said...

Your wedding post is beautiful...I'm glad that your memories of your special day are so rich...and full of much more that just love for your partner, but love for your new family and appreciation for the celebration that was had in honor of you and your Mr. xoxox (also, thanks for the flickr link :-) )

Jenniapple said...

Thank you for being there and for being my rock. I couldn't have gotten there without you. And thank you for all the beautiful pictures!