Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas Wrap-up

The tree and the all the ornaments have been packed away and we're already a week into the New Year, so what better time to post our holiday pictures and say goodbye to 2007!

I have to say, this was a wonderful holiday. I've commented to my friends that one of the downsides of getting older is losing the frenzied excitement and anticipation that the holidays bring when you're a kid. It would begin to build right after Thanksgiving as the countdown to my Dec. 5 birthday kicked off. Then it was just 20 days until the BIG EVENT! Christmas!!

I had a lot of great Christmases when I was still in single digits. In 1982 I was gifted with some fly parachute pants and a pair of white corduroy high-top Roos with the little pocket you could stick a quarter in! Thiller was released in November of the same year and my mom understood the fierce importance of having the proper street gear when returning to the 3rd grade.

But not since the Cabbage Patch craze of '84 have I felt anything akin to the joyful anticipation associated with Christmas, until this year. Maybe it was knowing that my Mr. was hiding presents in the basement or that every time the UPS truck came around the corner, he was bringing something wonderful! Each gift I wrapped brought me closer to that feeling I had when I was a kid. As the presents began to pile up under the tree I'd find myself uncontrollably compelled to break out in freestyle dance moves and sing-songey Christmas tunes from my past. Here's my favorite..Merry Christmas Ho-Ho-Ho...gimme fruit pebbles in my bowl. Anyone remember that commercial? I can't recall my Driver's License number upon request but that little gem had been burned into my brain for all eternity.

Sometimes, without knowing why, all that buildup can leave a high-strung flibberty-gibbert like myself feeling a bit of post-holiday eunni. But I am happy to report that this year delivered up all of the good and none of the bad. We opened presents and looked forward to all the fun these gifts would bring us in 2008. We shared a breakfast of eggnog waffles and the best bacon Mr. has ever made! We enjoyed the dogs enjoying their gifts. We took a long nap and relished the free and easy life that makes no demands of us on a holiday afternoon.

We enjoyed our first married Christmas and it was more then I could have ever hoped for.


Farfignuugen K-Dog Deluxe said...

Were the gifts then unwrapped by human hands or canine chompers? :-)

Natalie said...

Your fire place is not so christmas friendly, you did an awsome job improvising. What a fun house.

Jennifer said...

Thank you Natalie! Not only was that a very nice thing for you to say, but you are my first comment from someone outside of my personal circle. That makes you #1!