Monday, January 7, 2008

"The girl is crafty like ice is cold!"

As I mentioned in my last post, Christmas was wonderful! I got everything that I asked for and then some. This year was a crafty Christmas and in my opinion, that's the best kind! Mister gifted me with a nifty 'lil sewin' machine called the Quilt Designer II.

That's Husqvarna for y'all that don't know. It's hella nice! I haven't really cranked her up yet because I need a little one and one class time to fully understand all that she has to offer. I want to understand her inner workings so that I never take her for granted. She's that important to me. I pause now to consider my reading audience ... does that read creepy?

My very generous hoosband also gave me the Speedball Block Printing Kit and I got myself some rubber block and voila! My first rubber stamps! I must say..I'm pretty pleased with my first attempts.

owl + mermaid JI 08/AP

The last thing that I want to leave you with are these 2 fantastic photos. The first is a 'tagged' tree. It's part of a movement of non-destructive eco-friendly graffiti projects that are taking place all over the globe. Most notably, the Knitta, Please! group.

This second photo is the sculpture “In Bed” by Ron Mueck. Many of you have probably already see this piece or other pieces by the artist, but they are so cool I'm sure no one would mind another peek at them. But for those of you who are seeing this for the first time, I'm hoping your reaction is something like " Brilliant!" (thank you to Kristin)

It's images and concepts like this and the tree sweater that inspire me and fuel my creative work. I depend on like-minded individuals everywhere to take up the cause of art in a public forum. Even if it's only to make something small and post your creation for others to view. You never know what kind of impact your art can have another person. That's why art is so profound and why it needs a greater, wider audience. So, thank you guerrilla knitters and giant lady sculptures, you make this a livelier world! xoxo- jenni

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Dominique Crow said...

Hi, Jenn, It's Mom Isbell. I love the collages. They are so wierd and wonderful. And sounds like your Mister gave you some wonderful gifts for Christmas. Braden and Lizzy loved the clip of John and June romping through the snow. I love it because your voice is on it and you sound so happy. I love your blog and have recommended it to all my crafty friends. Love to my beautiful new daughter. Mom