Saturday, January 19, 2008

Busy Beaver Beats Cabin Fever

Ok, my last entry was a bit of a downer and I apologize for that. When I first started this blog I made myself a secret promise that I would only use this venue for good. There was going to be one place in my life where I was always positive. No whining, no complaining. I have tried to stick to it and when it gets away from me, I remind myself that I am here to inspire... if only myself and I check my crap at the door.

I used crap instead of S**T because I've noticed an excessive amount of profanity spewing out of me lately. It stared last weekend at a Champagne Girl's Night. The F-word was everywhere that night and since then it has become a regular guest in my sentence structure. I can't seem to compose a thought that doesn't need to be propped up by the ever-mailable F-word. When you don't have little kids around it's easy to forget your manners in respect to naughty language. I'm giving myself a written warning.

Sorry..I'm off topic.

As I was saying... I strive to inspire, so I am presenting a photo roll of my weekend DIY projects. I had hoped to be able to include a picture of a new pair of pajama bottoms from an Amy Butler pattern, but I ran out of steam after lunch. Maybe this week.

Rubber stamped rocks.

I can't be the only person who's ever done this. My next rock project will involve much larger rocks, tiny seed beads and the Virgin of Gaudalupe. Stay tuned.

Rubber stamped picture frame.

I was rubber stamping anything that would stand still this weekend. Thankfully, the dogs were too fast for me...this time. I went to IKEA last week and picked up a bunch of those $1 wood frames to use in my office re-decorating project and I came up with this. Again, I KNOW I'm not the first person to stamp a frame but I am pleased with the results.

close up of throw pillows

I picked up a few yards of cool fabric from Ikea and I whipped up these pillows for the living room with my new machine. I thought I'd better start out with a couple of easy projects. It's the smartest machine ever and I love her so! I need to get these scotch-guarded or The Cashes' will trash em' in a week.

I heart Johnny Cash

close up of pillow shams

I tried to make a blouse with this fabric but it was a few inches shy of a full 2 yrds. and mister showed an interest in the print, so I made pillow shams instead.

the boudoir

So that's it for now. My office is being repainted on Tuesday. I've chosen a very calming pale pale greenish-white for 3 walls and a nice grayish-green for an accent wall behind my desk. I can hardly wait to start redecorating. I'll share my after pictures when it's all done. xoxo-jenni


Kristin C. said...

I WANT PILLOW SHAMS AND THROW PILLOWS AND STAMPED FRAMES AND ROCKS!!!! Well...I guess I already have a rock....BUT..I am totally in on the next Busy Beaver Fever day.

Jennifer said...

Busy Beaver Fever Day...You kill me Kristin! You are definitely invited to participate.