Thursday, January 10, 2008

Is This Another Ebay Auction?

I hear this pretty frequently from our mailman, Greg. Greg's a nice guy. He has very few requests; shovel your walkway, pay your postage due, be kind to children and animals. Ok, that last one is mine, but I couldn't think of a third thing. That's how nice he is! I can't even think of 3 things!

He always brings cookies for my dogs and he never complains about the weather. And occasionally, like once a week, he'll query as to whether or not the package he has risked life & limb for by crossing our unsalted walkway (hey..we shoveled!) is an Ebay auction.

I'm not sure why it matters one way or another. I mean, if I was a freelance surgeon working out of my house, would he enjoy delivering my packages more if he thought they were kidneys? Do my Ebay auctions say more about me than I realize? Am I consumption-happy? Are these boxes and their contents' a trite and materialistic display of gluttony?

As a begin my decent down the shame-spiral I remind myself that everyone, or at least everyone I know, loves to get something nice in the mail. Whether it be a little hand written card, (my mom-in-law, Linda is really wonderful for these!) or a free sample of fabric softener or an Ebay auction; everyone likes to get mail.

Maybe that's the problem with Greg. Maybe he hates to get mail. What's Mister always saying...the baker's kids have the worst shoes? Or cobbler? I dunno, but you get my drift. Maybe handling the mail all day has bred contempt deep in his heart. Well Greg...if you're out there, I'd like to share with you the Ebay package I received on Monday. I hope you find it as inspiring as I do. xoxo -jenni

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These are pages from the Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary Pop-Up Book.

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